• Christian Funding has been an excellent resource to Joy Fellowship Christian Assemblies, Inc. as a provider of outstanding financial and organizational consultation and strategic planning.

    Lincoln G. Brown, Jr. M.A.
  • Grace and peace be unto you from God our Father and our Lord Jesus Christ. No words can adequately express the thanks and gratitude that we have for you. We are so grateful and will be ever so mindful of the role that you played in helping us achieve our beautiful building. For we know all things grow together for good to them that love the Lord.

    Rev. Leonard H. Shamberger
  • On the behalf of Rev. Fuller & New Joy, we thank the Christian Funding Company for your dedication & professionalism to guide us through this process. We Thank God for you and your company. You will receive an invitation to our opening.

    Herb YoungDirector of Community Affairs
  • Thank you for your diligence and efforts to get us the “Loan of the Century” we are very grateful. God bless!

    Pastor David Bratt
  • This letter comes to once again express our sincere heartfelt gratitude to you and the Christian Funding Center for the awesome ministry that God has endowed you with. Your financial expertise with the business world and corporate marketplace has help transform visions into realities.

    Rev. Dr. Thomas H. Rankin, Jr


Christian Funding Center (CFC) and Nexus Management Corporation (NEXUS) were founded in 1985. CFC’s role was to service religious organizations requiring capital and mortgage financing. NEXUS’ original focus was principally as program manager involving services for the individual as well as a wide variety of asset management programs.

As CFC’s expertise in the religious organizations expanded, its role in working with various organizations often involved consulting as well as assisting in project management. In addition, the geographical area served, has also continued to expand. Today, CFC has contact with mortgage bankers and religious organizations along the entire Atlantic Coast region. In many ways, CFC has pioneered unique approaches to church funding and has been instrumental in assisting the growth of many churches.

NEXUS, until the early 1990’s, maintained a focus on individual services. The early success of CFC and increasing request for additional services caused the NEXUS to re-focus its efforts to assist churches in meeting their growth and financial objectives. As a result, NEXUS has evolved into a consulting organization. Its services included: Debt capacity studies, mortgage banking due diligence, and general consulting.

Today, both CFC and NEXUS are uniquely positioned to service religious and not-for-profit organizations in meeting their short term and long-term goals.


  • John Williams
    John WilliamsFounder, CEO
  • Okeith Smith
    Okeith Smith
  • Aida Williams
      Aida Williams