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Christian Funding Center (CFC) and Nexus Management Corporation (NEXUS) were founded in 1985. CFC’s role was to service religious organizations requiring capital and mortgage financing. NEXUS’ original focus was principally as program manager involving services for the individual as well as a wide variety of asset management programs.

As CFC’s expertise in the religious organizations expanded, its role in working with various organizations often involved consulting as well as assisting in project management. In addition, the geographical area served, has also continued to expand. Today, CFC has contact with mortgage bankers and religious organizations along the entire Atlantic Coast region.

In many ways, CFC has pioneered unique approaches to church funding and has been instrumental in assisting the growth of many churches.

NEXUS, until the early 1990’s, maintained a focus on individual services. The early success of CFC and increasing request for additional services caused the NEXUS to re-focus its efforts to assist churches in meeting their growth and financial objectives.

As a result, NEXUS has evolved into a consulting organization. Its services included: Debt capacity studies, mortgage banking due diligence, and general consulting.

Today, both CFC and NEXUS are uniquely positioned to service religious and not-for-profit organizations in meeting their short term and long-term goals.

Christian Funding Center

CFC is the leading mortgage consultant for religious organizations in the northeast. Its sole focus is on religious groups and not-for-profit organizations.

Its experience and expertise is focused on understanding the requirements of such groups, interfacing with financial institutions and keeping abreast of developments affecting such organizations in achieving their funding goals.

Dealing with the Approval Process

Accordingly, CFC becomes the responsible for the assembling of mortgage applications from information submitted, and determines the financial institution or institutions, which would have an interest.

CFC assists the organization in navigating the loan approval process. Its services include, but are not limited to: Direct representation of the organization with financial institutions concerning terms and conditions of the loan approval and commitment process.

Working with the Commitment and Loan Closing

Should an organization desire, once the commitment is made, CFC will act as an adviser, working to assist the organization to expeditiously fund the mortgage commitment.